• We are able to conduct sessions on the following (these can be tailored to your event):
      • Professional & Self Development
      • Overcoming Molestation
      • Breast Cancer Education and Early Detection
      • Finding the Voice Within
    • We enjoy hosting small group sessions with young ladies to discuss body image, self care, college readiness, career goal setting, professional readiness
    • We are able to facilitate small and large events as host or emcee
    • We conduct 1:1 mentoring sessions based on any of the above mentioned topics (*we are not licensed therapist)

EVOLUTION OF ME, LLC is open to discussions on event collaboration. Please submit a request     via the request form on the Contact page or directly via email at evolutionofmellc@gmail.com.  We will respond to all inquiries and request within 48 hours.

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Our Mission is build up others by helping face our truths, own our mistakes and love ourselves from the inside out.


Our vision is educate, empower and encourage one person at a time.


LOVE - Inward and outward expressions of intense affirmation of what is what has been and what will be

PATIENCE - Continual pursuit to learn, express, converse and repeat

ACCEPTANCE - admitting right, wrong, yes and no! It is what it is and it shall be what you will it to be

TRANSPARENCY - who you are is who we see

AUTHENTICITY - you are the best you because you're the only you 


The Evolution of Me, LLC seeks to empower, educate and provide a safe space to work through self growth and self conflict.  Our goal is to take complete ownership of ourselves, our feelings and how best to react to the daily stresses of life. 

We seek to help others learn and lean into their own purpose and calling.  We take on evolving through listening to our internal voices that we have surpressed, giving them a stage to be set free. 

Self love, as we define it, is working through the pain, pressing forward through trials and leaning  into loving our whole selves, one day at a time.