The Evolution Movement

The Evolution of Me, LLC seeks to empower, educate and provide a safe space to work through self growth and self conflict.  Our goal is to take complete ownership of ourselves, our feelings and how best to react to the daily stresses of life. 

We seek to help others learn and lean into their own purpose and calling.  We take on evolving through listening to our internal voices that we have surpressed, giving them a stage to be set free. 

Self love, as we define it, is working through the pain, pressing forward through trials and leaning  into loving our whole selves, one day at a time.

Strength. Courage. Empowerment. Change. Dedication.


It is through evolving that we learn to embrace life's hardships with love, grace and resilience!

In a world full of expectations, ups and downs -  we sometimes get lost, stuck and frustrated during the process.  The mission of the Evolution of me is to gain an understanding how to shift, embrace and maximize the power of where we are right now.  The evolution of self is critical to letting go and to allowing extraordinary growth in our own lives.  Through this evolution, we work toward Love, Hope, Humility and Obedience to ourselves and to God.

Here is where we EVOLVE!


Following My Passion.  Implemening my Calling.  Pursuing My Purpose.