The Un-official Kick-off.

If you aren't scared, you aren't doing something right!  Here is where I am, the intersection of just do it and what the heck do I think I'm doing.  But that, in my opinion is the right place to be.  Creating the logo, then the website, then actually hitting publish are small steps, but they are major anchors to the overall goal.  Time waits for no one, that my friends is a fact.

I'm on a journey to self-exploration, self-healing, personal growth and becoming an entreprenuer all at one time.  I'm scared of failure, but if I chose not to try, then I'd been have waisted time on worrying about something that I didn't even give a chance.  My faith is my God, my creator and the essence of my being.  I'm taking risks, reaching out and learning to use my voice.  All new and different, definitely in an awkward space but I'm all for the ride. 

The only person I have to blame for not believing in me, is me!  I pray that something magnificent develops from this start, something wonderful occurs in the next chapter and that something beautiful happens withins thousands that we impact.  Welcome to the Evololution.

Believing, Faithing and moving Forward.

Anastasia 10/15/19